Radiation Singularity Device

A weapon used by the Arturians against the Terrans.

It was detonated in the outer corona of Sol, causing Sol to flare in a violent and devastating manner. Terra and all of the system’s inner planets were flayed by radiation and solar particles. The death toll was innumerable, but is conservatively set at ten billion.

All of the civilized races immediately protested in outrage and responded by heavily censuring the Arturians.

The Arturians were ailing after the Earth-Arturian War and their loss of that war. They have only declined since. Economic and trade sanctions have made them third-class citizens of the galaxy.

Their ability to travel the galaxy without being watched, harassed, accosted, or viewed suspiciously is nearly impossible.

Accordingly, they have withdrawn to the core of space they control. They have adopted an isolationist policy and rigidly control all travel through their territory.

No specifics of the design or how the weapon functions is known. The weapon has only been used once.

The Arturians maintain that they did not create or deploy the weapon.

Tensions remain high.

Radiation Singularity Device

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