The Altamira Incident

The Altamira Incident is an event that occurred 127 hours prior to Day Zero.

It involved the Sol Defense Force cruiser “Altamira” and an unspecified number of Arturian Fleet ships.

At approximately 610.127.2264 Terra Standard the SDF Altamira was conducting an unscheduled patrol near the Terebellum system.

Without warning or prior provocation the Altamira was set upon by a superior Arturian force and destroyed.

Partial records of the event logged 23 bogeys. Only three have been positively identified.

All of the bogeys matched ship profiles aligned with the Arturian fleet. All three of the identified bogeys are registered and known to be a part of the Arturian fleet.

One of the identified bogeys was given the designation: A-BC-01708, a battlecruiser of the Arturian fleet.

A-BC-01708 was sensor logged within the Sol system just hours before the detonation of the Radiation Singularity Device which triggered the events of Day Zero.

The Altamira Incident

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