Magic is the manipulation of supernatural energy known as mana.

The manipulation of this energy results in a variety of effects that are not easily explainable by science.

The use of magic is not widespread as it is notoriously difficult to learn and exacts a toll from its users.

Individuals capable of using magic innately are rare. It is usually a learned skill.

No one runs around calling themselves “wizards” or “mages” or advertising that they use “magic”. It raises too many suspicions and superstitions.

Most users of magic maintain a respectable level of security and will only rarely perform magic in the presence of others, and only then when it is someone they know well.

Practitioners of the mystical arts are not naive or easily taken by the mundane world. A mage is just as likely to have a sub-machine gun slung at his side as a magical tool.

It is dangerous in parts of the galaxy to be exposed as a user of magic.

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