Church of the Singularity

Church of the Singularity is religious organization that have spread across the galaxy.

The church welcomes all species as members to worship a singular “God”. also known as The One, The Light, The Way, The Truth, and The Omega.

This is not uncommon. Almost every species encountered so far has had a widespread cultural belief in a single “creator” and his messianic son, who was sacrificed to ensure eternal life after an individual’s mortal life has ended.

This belief is not universal by any means with many levels of faith, ritual, and religious rigor being present across all species.

In general the church is peaceful and philanthropic and is looked upon highly by almost all sapient beings. It brings aid and comfort to those who are in need whether it be spiritual or material.

The church is served in many ways by the divisions within;

The Ecclesiarchy is composed of the highest-ranked members of the church. The Ecclesiarchy’s roles is guiding and leading the church. Not much is known about them.

The Apostles are the name given to the missionaries of the church. The Apostles mostly travel the galaxy spreading the Gospel or, “Good News”. They (like the church herself) are truly neutral, not supporting any one governing organization over another. This makes them invaluable as diplomats and ambassadors.

Hospitalliers travel the galaxy seeking out and caring for those of ill health. They often heal the spirit while mending the body.

Templar Knights are the militant arm of church. Not much is know about them.

Church of the Singularity

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