Barghest Lithium


A space habitat equipped with a DeVries drive that travels from star system to star system.

Immensely popular and renown across the galaxy as a massive trade bazaar with a gypsy flair.

No one actually knows who own it or runs it.

Destinations and the duration of stay is widely broadcast well prior so everyone who lives or travels along can plan accordingly.

The station is serviced by a veritable army of robots and droids.

The Lithium Order keeps the peace and ruthlessly deals with transgressions. All members of the Lithium Order are robotic and cannot be bribed, cajoled, or conned.

Despite the strict enforcement of law to maintain the public peace, Barghest Lithium is well known to be a locale with which trade in illicit goods and services occurs often.

Practically no good or service is unavailable on Barghest Lithium. There is a notable exception to this type of free market, slaves. Any found guilty of slavery are ’locked within moments of the verdict.

Even though the illicit market exists and thrives, not just anyone can access it. For the sake of decorum, efforts are made to limit the public impact of illicit deals. Because of this, no one just freewheeling business with just any buyer. Reputation, cash, and connections are the key.

Connections and reputation are usually made through services rendered by the buyer. This is done to establish the customer’s, “street cred”. This ensures that the seller is covered as they now have incriminating evidence on the customer.

Whoever runs Barghest Lithium pays no attention to outside law enforcement or other government entities. Particularly irksome bureaucracies may find Barghest Lithium leaving their system never to return. As this hits local trade particularly hard, local authorities have learned to look the other way when Barghest Lithium is in-system. This is easy for them to do because of how tightly controlled and peaceful the habitat is.

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Barghest Lithium

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